Laura Bluebell life update – travels, houses and a baby….

Apologies for the long delay in updating the site. It has been a busy summer/Autumn, with a lot of change. Here are some of my life updates:


We travelled to the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides in August, which was magical. We stayed with friends on the Isle of Lewis and hired a car. If any of you are thinking of going, my top tip is to book early, to get somewhere lovely to stay.

I also spent a weekend in Helsinki in October, a really beautiful and mellow city. I love Finland and I can’t wait to go back.


We tried to move house in September and it went wrong, a long and very dull story.

Hopefully we will move in December with a new buyer and luckily our sellers have waited for us. A big move for us as it will be moving from a flat to a house. I’ve loved living in my particular part of London, Brixton, and I love my flat and garden. But I can’t wait to explore North London and live in a new area. I am particularly excited about having a front door and stairs. A chance to put down proper roots.

A baby

One of the main reasons I have been really quiet is that I am having a baby in April. The first trimester completely wiped me out. I could just about get through the day at work, but the thought of updating the blog was slightly beyond me.

Now I am now into week 18 I am feeling very excited about our Spring arrival. This will be the biggest adventure of all. Big changes in Laura Bluebell’s world.

I promise to get better at updating the blog and talking to you more regularly.

Laura Bluebell life update