A trip to the seaside

I was down in Bournemouth for a family gathering and was struck again by what a beautiful place it is.

We had lunch at West Beach which according to The Times is one of the best places to eat by the seaside. I am going to try and work my way through a few other places on the list.

I was really impressed by the location and the stunning sea views. I imagine when it is the height of summer it would be really beautiful eating on the sun soaked decked terrace. It was still pretty special on a sunny October day.

So here are a couple of the fish dishes we ate, which were both specials.

The service was great and we were in there for hours. But the best bit was being out on the beach afterwards. Right next to the Bournemouth pier. It was a great afternoon.

So if you find yourself down in Bournemouth, check it out.


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